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X'mas Grazing table - Christmas party package

Christmas is coming, you want to organize a luxurious, unique Christmas party but don't have much time to prepare?

Don't worry, Xmas Grazing table from Blue Box is the perfect choice for you.

Grazing table is a type of standing buffet, with dishes displayed on wooden trays or trays. This is a great choice for Christmas parties because it offers comfort and convenience to guests.

X'mas Grazing table from Blue Box is specially designed for Christmas, with traditional and modern dishes combined harmoniously.

Especially FREE Christmas juices, soft drinks, and mocktails for each guest

Blue Box is the perfect choice to bring a memorable Christmas party for you and your loved ones.

Please contact Blue Box today to receive incentives and detailed information


Blue Box - Guinness Catering Service Vietnam

Sales office: (028) 3636 2016.

Complaint Phone: 036.323.3042


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