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"What are you planning to eat for lunch today?"

Buffet Lunch - The perfect solution to help your employees 'decompress', be energized, and get ready for a productive working day

Blue Box's beloved partners are no longer strangers to delicious dishes, made from fresh, quality ingredients, bringing the bold flavors of Vietnamese cuisine to the international market.

All dishes are made by a team of professional, experienced chefs, presented beautifully and attractively, bringing deliciousness at first sight.

In addition, Blue Box attaches great importance to service quality. The staff is well-trained and professional, always ready to serve wholeheartedly and thoughtfully, giving customers a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

The perfect solution for your business. Why don't you try experimenting so you can:

Save time and costs

  • Help employees relieve boredom and eat more deliciously

  • Replenish energy for an effective working day

  • Create a happy, comfortable atmosphere

  • Enhance corporate culture

Please contact Blue Box immediately for free consultation and experience the service, enhancing your business culture.


Blue Box - Guinness Catering Service Vietnam

Sales office: (028) 3636 2016.

Phone Complaint: 036.323.3042

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