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BBQ Buffet Menu G

BBQ Buffet Menu G


Waldof salad

Xà lách kiểu Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ

Grilled crab meat

Càng cua bách hoa



Grilled chicken in Colorado

Gà nướng Colorado

Grilled Beef with BBQ Sauce

Bò nướng phục vụ với sốt BBQ

BBQ pork rib with Napoleon wine

Sườn nướng Napoleon

Roast duck sate in Chinese style – Ball cake

Vịt Nướng Sa Tế Hàng Châu - Bánh Bao

Green curry with prawn

Cà ri tôm xanh

Paprika Potato Wedges in a Cone

Khoai tây tẩm bột paprika nướng

Seafood and salt egg fried rice

Cơm chiên Mãn Phúc Lầu



Chocolate and cranberry cheesecake

Bánh phô mai vị sô cô la và việt quất

Seasonal Fresh fruits

Trái cây tươi các loại



    ·  Staff are present 3 hours before the party to prepare.

    ·  Time to serve food within 2 hours. 

    ·  Deposit and payment: Please deposit 50% of the party value and pay the rest within 3 days from the end of the party. 

    ·  Cancel your order: Please cancel your order at least 2 days in advance for Blue Box to refund the entire deposit amount. 

    ·  Please carefully check the order confirmation information from Blue Box staff.

    ·  Images are for reference only. 

    Let's Talk 

    Want to Request a special Party ?

    Blue Box is proud to be a professional team, always listening and understanding your every need. With enthusiasm and high expertise, we are committed to giving you the best experience and solving all problems quickly, accurately and efficiently. That also helps Blue Box develop and affirm its position in the market.

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    Our Company

    Blue Box Co., LTD

    HCM: 15A Nguyen Tuyen, Binh Trung Tay, Thu Duc City, HCMC.

    Hotline: +84 36 323 3042

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